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Who is behind the UndercoverEisAgenten?

The UndercoverEisAgenten project involves numerous students, teachers and enthusiastic citizen scientists. Interested in joining us? Simply register here or reach out to us via for any inquiries!

Our partners include

Moose Kerr School

Aklavik, NWT, Canada


Dathe-Gymnasium (High School)

Berlin, Germany


Anger-Gymnasium (High School)

Jena, Germany


as well as other schools and extracurricular institutions

  • Melanchthon-Gymnasium, Berlin
  • Wissenschaftsetage, ProWissen e.V., Potsdam
  • Max-Born-Gymnasium, Neckargemünd
  • Bergstraßen-Gymnasium, Hemsbach

The UndercoverEisAgenten are assisted by

Moritz Langer

Project Lead (AWI) & Prof. VU Amsterdam

Builds computer models, juggles projects, and sails with boat & kite

Josefine Lenz

Project Coordinator (AWI)

Loves Arctic landscapes, permafrost, and most of all, bringing people from science and society together


Soraya Kaiser

Deputy Project Coordinator (AWI)

Organizes expeditions, speaks Python, and teaches students how to fly drones

Frederieke Miesner

Data scientist (AWI)

Likes numbers and cares about FAIR data and IT stuff

Christian Thiel

Subproject lead (DLR) & Prof. FSU Jena

Observes connections and is a curious, multi-interested outdoor enthusiast

Marlin Müller

PhD candidate (DLR)

Loves the view from above, whether for professional or personal reasons, whether hiking or paragliding, and is an expert in drone piloting

Sabrina Marx

Research associate (HeiGIT)

Passionate about digital maps and inspired by the dedication of the numerous contributing volunteers

Oliver Fritz

Research associate (HeiGIT)

Crafting the app and analyzes data but also enjoys being outdoors

Johannes Bosch

Research assistant (HeiGIT)

Engages with educational approaches and develops teaching materials

Pauline Walz

Student assistant (HeiGIT)

Assists with data analyses, teaching materials and website maintenance